Done Right TimersDone Right TimersDone Right Timers
Done Right TimersCompany Information
Retailers interested in carrying the DoneRight Timer™ can email us at
Media members can also contact us at

The DoneRight Timer™ is distributed by Tuscan Concepts Inc. For more information, please visit

If you are a customer who has purchased a DoneRight Timer™, you may send any thoughts/feedback to
Done Right Timers

Corporate Promotion and Gifts
Promotional Item Distributors can contact us to order White DoneRight Kitchen Timers™ with a corporate logo for corporate promotional/gift purposes. Our product codes are as follows:

Orders greater than 500 units: 23.49 A
Orders between 100-500 units: 23.99 B
Orders less than 100 units: 24.99 C

Email us at to ask about using the DoneRight Timer for a promotional item or see Tuscan Concepts telephone information at the company website.

Done Right TimersDone Right Timers
Done Right Timers
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Distributed by Tuscan Concepts Inc. Made in China.
DoneRight Timer™ is a patented product and a pending trademark of Tuscan Concepts, Inc.